What type of lawyer is Harvey Specter in suits?

A corporate lawyer at Pearson Hardman and New York City’s best closer.

What type of lawyer Harvey Specter is?

Harvey Specter is a corporate lawyer, primarily. We’ve seen him dabble in other fields though such as criminal, family and civil tort. Harvey Specter is a fictional corporate attorney with a degree from Harvard Law.

What kind of law does Suits practice?

Finally, another major unrealistic point about the show is that Harvey and Mike are both litigators and transactional lawyers and they cover an enormously diverse range of legal fields (patents, mergers & acquisitions, commercial litigation, criminal defense, and employment law are areas that come to mind).

Is Harvey Specter a lawyer?

Although he may be unconventional, Specter is a fair lawyer; he will not tamper with facts to win cases, and he hates any lawyer who will.

What makes Harvey Specter such a good lawyer?

You will see the emotional side of him when it matters. And more importantly: he processes emotional awareness and he has control of his emotions – which does not let him affect the case he is dealing with and keep the clients’ priorities in the front row. That’s what makes him a great lawyer.

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What kind of lawyer is Mike Ross?

Michael James “Mike” Ross is a former lawyer and junior partner at Specter Litt, a former legal consultant/supervisor at the Eastside Legal Clinic, with whom he had a legal partnership with, and a former investment banker at Sidwell Investment Group. He is married to Rachel Zane.

Is suits an accurate depiction of lawyers?

Litigation requires representing clients and spending time in courtrooms. Nevertheless, one of the fairly accurate depictions of ”Suits” is the high salaries and the fanciness surrounding the lawyers-protagonists like eating at first-class restaurants and living in large Manhattan apartments.

What kind of lawyer is Louis Litt?

Louis Marlowe Litt, M.B.A., J.D., Esq. is a corporate attorney and the managing and name partner of Litt Wheeler Williams Bennett. He was promoted to the position of senior partner at Pearson Hardman by Daniel Hardman prior to the latter’s second dismissal from the firm, and was also the quartermaster of Pearson Darby.

Is Mike Ross better thaN Harvey?

Harvey is better mainly as a result of knowledge from experience as well as “graduating” from law school. He obviously knows law better thaN Mike and makes better decisions quick (as a result of his vast experience). Not mixing emotions with business also does work for him.

Is Mike Ross based on a real person?

Patrick Johannes Adams (born August 27, 1981) is a Canadian actor. He is known for playing Mike Ross, a college dropout turned unlicensed lawyer in USA Network’s series Suits.


Year 2011–19
Title Suits
Role Mike Ross
Notes Main role (Seasons 1–7) Guest star (Season 9) 111 episodes
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How did Mike Ross become a real lawyer?

During Wednesday’s Suits season finale, Mike officially became a lawyer when he made it into the bar, thanks to a last-minute save from Jessica. The firm’s former boss lady came back just in time to take the fall for employing a fraud and to put Anita Gibbs in her place.

How Mike Ross become a lawyer?

Mike worked under Harvey and other lawyers at the firm and thus was allowed to get his license to work as a legitimate lawyer without ever going to law school.

Does Rachel Zane become a lawyer?

In the popular American legal drama Suits, Rachel Zane worked as a paralegal at Pearson Hardman for five years, until she gained admission into Columbia Law School and Stanford Law School to read law.

Is Harvey Specter a solicitor or a barrister?

Specter is another good example of a typical lawyer, he is arrogant and risky with a charming personality, whilst also being a brilliant lawyer. The series really does explore all the characteristics of lawyers that may be found in top firms.

Is Harvey Specter a narcissist?

Harvey, on the other hand, may not be as smart as Louis, but he is smooth and confident. He is also a narcissist, which makes him a difficult partner.

Is suits based on a true story?

1. THE SHOW IS BASED ON AARON KORSH’S LIFE. Before becoming a TV writer and showrunner, Aaron Korsh worked on Wall Street as an investment banker, which was the original profession for Suits’s characters. “I worked for a guy named Harvey, I had a good memory, and I had a dalliance with marijuana,” Korsh told Collider.

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