What is a lawyer’s client called?

Client is the term in the US. In the case of a criminal charge the client might also be a defendant, and in the case of a civil court case the client might be either defendant or plaintiff.

What is a client legal term?

A person who employs or retains an attorney, or counsellor, to appear for him in courts, advise, assist, and defend him in legal proceedings, and to act for him in any legal business.

What is a lawyers defendant called?

The Parties. The people or entities who are directly involved in a lawsuit are called parties. They are plaintiffs (those who are suing in a civil case) or defendants (those being sued in a civil case or accused in criminal cases). The parties may be present at the counsel tables with their lawyers during the trial.

What is the best definition of client?

: a person who pays a professional person or organization for services. : a customer in a shop or hotel. : a computer in a network that uses the services provided by a server.

Who is the plaintiff?

The parties are usually referred to as the plaintiff (the person or entity initiating the action) and the defendant (the person or entity defending themselves/itself against the claims of the plaintiff). In an appeal case the parties are referred to as appellant and respondent.

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What is the legal terminology?

Specialized terminology refers to words that are specific to the legal profession. … Some specialized terms originated within the legal system for the purpose of conveying meanings specific to law.

What is the person being accused called?

Defendant: a person who has been formally charged with committing a crime; the person accused of a crime. Defense Attorney: the lawyer who represents the defendant in legal proceedings.

What is the accuser called in court?

Criminal Defendant and Attorney

In a criminal case, the accused person is called the defendant. Defendants are represented by an attorney, who may be an attorney from the Federal Public Defender’s Office if they can’t afford a private attorney.

Who is called a client?

A client is somebody who buys goods or pays for services. Companies and other organizations may also be clients. As opposed to customers, clients usually have an arrangement or a relationship with the seller.

What is the synonym of client?

In this page you can discover 31 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for client, like: customer, patient, patron, client state, purchaser, consumer, advisee, node, manager, isp and dependent.

What do you mean by the word pliant?

Definition of pliant

1 : pliable sense 1a. 2 : easily influenced : yielding. 3 : suitable for varied uses.

What is a petitioner vs respondent?

“Petitioner” refers to the party who petitioned the Supreme Court to review the case. This party is variously known as the petitioner or the appellant. “Respondent” refers to the party being sued or tried and is also known as the appellee.

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What is a co party?

: a party (as a coplaintiff or codefendant) on the same side of an action.

Whats is a lawsuit?

A lawsuit is a civil legal action by one person or entity (the “plaintiff”) against another person or entity (the “defendant”), to be decided in a court. Depending on the remedy sought and the venue where the plaintiff files the lawsuit, the case might be heard by a court of law or a court of equity.