How many copies has the secret barrister sold?

This culminated in 2018 with the publication of Stories of the Law and How It’s Broken, which became a surprisingly mainstream success, remaining in the Sunday Times Top 10 bestsellers list for twenty four weeks, selling over 165,000 copies across all formats.

Does anyone know who the secret barrister is?

At present, “nobody knows in the industry” who the Secret Barrister is, according to the FT interview. If that were to change, the Secret Barrister says that “in reality I wouldn’t be able to keep practising and writing … … But perhaps permanent anonymity isn’t part of the Secret Barrister’s grand plan.

Is the secret barrister a woman?

The Secret Barrister on Twitter: “@timoconnorbl @NickCohen4 I am explicitly gender neutral.

How many pages is the secret barrister?

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