How can an Indian lawyer practice in Netherlands?

If you are a qualified lawyer from an EEA country or Switzerland, under the Lawyers’ Establishment Directive you can work as a lawyer in the Netherlands, under your original occupational title (‘home title’). You must register with the Supervisory Council (in Dutch).

Can foreign lawyers practice in the Netherlands?

On the basis of the free movement of establishment, a person who is authorized to pursue his professional activities as a lawyer in another EU member state, the EEA or Switzerland, can practice in the Netherlands under home title.

How can I practice law in Netherlands?

As an EU citizen you could start a procedure to work as a lawyer in Holland as well. For this you have to take an exam in dutch. On the the website of the dutch bar it says if you’re not an EU citizen the only way to get admitted to the bar is if you get your law degree at a dutch university.

Can an Indian lawyer practice in Europe?

By far the easiest way to practice law as an Indian lawyer in Europe is to advise on Indian law as a jurist. … Understand that Indian regulations prohibit foreign firms from having an office in India or advising on Indian law. That is when Indian lawyers come into play.

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Which countries allow Indian lawyers can practice?

“The National Committee on Accreditation (NCA) has decided that three-year full-time law degrees from Common Law Countries including India, England and Australia should be treated equivalently regardless of their country of origin.

How do you qualify as a Dutch lawyer?

Someone who is registered as a lawyer for the first time in the Netherlands normally has to do a traineeship under the supervision of a principal and attend a three-year professional training course that ends with an exam. During that period, the person involved is conditionally registered.

Can a UK lawyer practice in Netherlands?

UK solicitors can practise in the Netherlands under their home title. There is no requirement to register with the Dutch Bar.

Can an Indian practice law in Netherlands?

If you are a qualified lawyer from an EEA country or Switzerland, you may act as a lawyer in the Netherlands under the qualifications of your home country (home title). This follows from the services directive for lawyers . However, you must comply with certain conditions (in Dutch).

Is Netherlands good for law?

The Dutch legal system is one of the best performing and most democratic in the world according to the Rule of Law Index, a global comparison of 97 national legal systems (published October 2012). … On both aspects, the Netherlands finished second within the 97 legal systems examined.

Is the Netherlands a good place to study law?

Studying law in the Netherlands provides an excellent foundation for practicing around the globe. Law professors in the Netherlands are recognized internationally for their understanding of civil law, and this means greater job prospects for international students.

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Is Indian LLB valid in USA?

This post discusses how an India-qualified lawyer (with a 3-year or 5-year LLB degree) can practice in the United States, without having to pursue the undergrad law degree, that is, the Juris Doctor or J.D. in a US college. … This rule will be applicable to Indian students.

Can an Indian lawyer practice abroad?

Indian lawyer can not practice there independently and stand in the court. … So only way is to work in some overseas company office or associate office in India and learn the basic law of their country and then sometimes they may post one there to work with their lawyers.

Can I practice law in Europe?

EU-qualified lawyers can practice some law (such as public international law) and represent clients in arbitration, conciliation and mediation, and appear in court for small claims without being admitted to the Dutch bar.

Can Indian lawyers practice Norway?

Regardless of their country of citizenship, qualified foreign lawyers are entitled to provide legal assistance in Norway on a temporary basis without having to apply. … For such a person, the practising rules of their home country also applies to their work in Norway, along with the Norwegian code of conduct for lawyers.

Is Indian LLB valid in UK?

Indian lawyers can’t apply for practice in UK anymore (also Canadians, NYers) … Indian law school graduates who get recruited by London law firms will generally have to pass the QLTS during or after their training contract. “The QLTS covers lawyers from a wider range of jurisdictions than under the previous arrangements.

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