Your question: What is a solicitor training contract?

A training contract is a two-year placement that is undertaken by trainee solicitors after they finish their year-long Legal Practice Course (LPC). The final step before qualification, it can be likened to an apprenticeship: an opportunity to put all your academic knowledge to vocational use.

Do you have to have a training contract to be a solicitor?

Law training contracts make up the last stage of training before qualifying as a solicitor. The training contract application and recruitment process can be lengthy and it’s a well-known fact that the number of training contracts outnumbers the number of applicants.

What is a UK training contract?

A training contract is a compulsory period of practical training in a law firm for law graduates before they can qualify as a solicitor in the United Kingdom (UK), the Republic of Ireland, Australia or Hong Kong, or as an advocate and solicitor in Singapore. … A training contract can apply to any profession.

How hard is it to get a law training contract?

Looking at numbers alone, you have an 18.3% chance of getting a training contract.

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Should I take the LPC without a training contract?

Taking the Legal Practice Course (LPC) without already having secured a training contract is a risk that many candidates take every year. … If you can see a weakness in your CV, it should be possible to strengthen it while you study the LPC so that you have improved by the time you next apply for a training contract.

Can I be a solicitor without the LPC?

The SQE has been introduced to replace the LPC/training contract route to becoming a solicitor. Instead of completing the LPC and a training contract after a law degree/conversion, students will have to pass the SQE and complete two years of qualifying work experience.

Can you fail your training contract?

A training contract can be terminated only because of serious misconduct, incapacity or the employer going bust. Training contracts often have a cancellation clause (like failing the GDL or LPC) as well. Instances of trainees being fired are rare.

What happens after you get a training contract?

After your training contract, you’ll have the technical skills, industry-recognised qualifications and the experience to become an exceptional lawyer. During your two-year training contract, you’ll rotate through four seats across different practice groups.

Does a training contract pay for LPC?

GDL and LPC fees are paid on the training contract with part-time study programme.

Do you get paid for law training contracts?

All trainee solicitors receive a salary, but this varies depending on the firm and location. From August 2014, the SRA announced that firms were only required to pay trainees the national minimum wage.

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How much does a trainee solicitor earn?

Trainee Solicitor in London Area Salaries

Job Title Location Salary
Linklaters Trainee Solicitor salaries – 35 salaries reported London Area £48,507/yr
Clifford Chance Trainee Solicitor salaries – 28 salaries reported London Area £49,000/yr
Allen & Overy Trainee Solicitor salaries – 24 salaries reported London Area £50,336/yr

How do I get a training contract with a solicitor?

Top Tips for Getting a Training Contract

  1. Try Some Paralegal Work. Paralegals undertake a variety of administrative and legal work. …
  2. Do a Legal Internship. …
  3. Get involved in Some Pro Bono Work. …
  4. Get Some Commercial Work Experience. …
  5. Research Your Preferred Law Firms. …
  6. Keep Your Search Criteria Broad.

What percentage is a distinction in LPC?

Distinction You will be awarded the Postgraduate Certificate with a classification of Distinction if (i) you have passed all assessments with no resits; and (ii) have obtained an average mark of at least 70% across all three CPAs; and (iii) have obtained a mark of at least 70% in at least two of the three CPAs; and (iv …

Is SQE better than LPC?

The SQE route will be considerably more cost-effective than the LPC, and it will take you a lot less time to qualify. However, it is expected that there will be a low pass rate for the SQE assessments, which might make the SQE route to qualification more challenging than the LPC.

Can you do LPC and training contract at the same time?

As per rules laid down by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), you can study the LPC and do a training contract concurrently — and we wanted to find out more about this little-known route to qualification. … You do not have to finish an LPC before staring a training contract.

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