You asked: How do you pluralize attorney general?

“General” here, though, is an adjective, not a noun; you can think of them as “general attorneys.” So the plural goes on the noun, and the proper form is “attorneys general.” Unless you’re British. Then you can call them “attorney-generals,” but don’t forget the hyphen.

Is it Attorneys General or Attorney General’s?

Why is it “Attorneys General” (plural) but not “Attorney’s General” (singular possessive)? With “Attorney General,” general modifies the noun attorney. Thus, when there is more than one Attorney General, you would write “Attorneys General.” This makes sense.

Is Attorney General a compound noun?

Thus, attorney general is a head-first compound noun. The most important part of the compound goes first. Therefore, when we pluralize the noun, we add an s to the most important word: attorneys general.

Why is the adjective second in Attorney General?

Often this is because it comes from a language where adjective-after-noun is the norm, namely French. Much of our legal and military terminology comes from French and Latin, and some noun-adjective compounds, like “attorney general,” came with it.

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What is plural of attorney?

noun. at·​tor·​ney | ə-ˈtər-nē plural attorneys.

What is the plural of district attorney?

The plural form of district attorney is district attorneys.

Do you capitalize attorney general?

AP Style tip: Use attorney general, attorneys general. … Capitalize as a title before a name: Attorney General Eric Holder.

Why do they say attorneys general?

The term was originally used to refer to any person who holds a general power of attorney to represent a principal in all matters. In the common law tradition, anyone who represents the state, especially in criminal prosecutions, is such an attorney.

What is the plural possessive of attorney at law?

The plural form of attorney at law is attorneys at law.

How do you pluralize court martial?

as a noun is spelt as two words without a hyphen, with plural preferably courts martial, although court martials is also acceptable.

What is the plural of mine?

The plural form of mine is mines.

Should Attorney General be hyphenated?

In American English, attorneys general is the correct plural form. The British prefer attorney-generals (the Brits have long hyphenated the phrase).

What is plural of surgeon general?

See the full definition for surgeon general in the English Language Learners Dictionary. surgeon general. noun. plural surgeons general.

How do you use attorney general in a sentence?

He was elected state attorney general in 1974 and served in that post for ten years. The attorney general has not talked about that program. This appointment and department were voided when the attorney general ruled the law unconstitutional. He became attorney general of the same circuit from 1918 to 1925.

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