Which of the following persons is not included under the attorney client privilege when a client communicates with them?

Which of the following may not be protected under the attorney client privilege?

Which of the following may not be protected under the attorney-client privilege? A client who orally confesses to a crime.

When a judge excludes all witnesses from the courtroom except for the person testifying It called <UNK> quizlet?

common exclusion of witnesses from the courtroom during a trial, in an effort to keep witnesses from hearing each other’s testimony; also called the witness sequestration rule. a practice used during the trial whereby the judge excludes all witnesses from the courtroom except the person testifying.

Which of the following illustrates FRE’s Rule 403 balancing test?

Under the FRE who is declared incompetent to testify? … which of the following illustrates FRE’s rule 403 balancing test? the evidence is inadmissible if the probative value of the evidence is substantially outweighed by its prejudicial effect. a person is a convicted felon if which of the following is TRUE?

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Which of the following is a characteristic that makes up a witness’s capacity?

The elements of witness capacity are the ability to perceive, remember, narrate in an understandable manner, and sincerity.

What is protected under attorney-client privilege?

The attorney-client privilege is, strictly speaking, a rule of evidence. It prevents lawyers from testifying about, and from being forced to testify about, their clients’ statements. Independent of that privilege, lawyers also owe their clients a duty of confidentiality.

Which privilege is not recognized under federal common law?

The body of evidentiary privileges in California and federal courts are fundamentally distinct in one respect in particular: whereas federal evidentiary privileges are almost entirely based on case law, California recognizes only statute-based privileges. California has no common law evidentiary privileges. California …

When testifying as a witness inadmissible statements include statements about?

1) The statement must have been against pecuniary, proprietary, or penal interest when made, such that a reasonable person in the declarant’s position would have made it only if she believed it to be true. 2) Declarant must have had personal knowledge of the facts.

How are witnesses separated?

Separation measures may include ordering witnesses to remain physically apart, ordering them not to discuss the case with one another, ordering witnesses not to read a transcript of the trial testimony of another witness, and possibly even ordering an attorney not to convey the substance of one witness’s testimony to …

Who decides whether or not an expert witness is qualified to testify in a specific case?

The judge is to decide whether the expert is qualified to deliver reliable testimony and whether the expert’s report is sufficiently reliable to be helpful to the Trier of Fact.

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Which of the following illustrates FRE’s Rule 403 balancing test quizlet?

Which of the following illustrates FRE’s Rule 403 balancing test? the evidence in the form of the writing is not admissible if offered by the adverse party. Which of the following is covered by the privilege against self-incrimination?

Which of the following does the court case Mapp v Ohio deals with quizlet?

What does this mean for the future? Mapp V. Ohio impacted the type of evidence allowed in courts. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that evidence acquired through illegal search and seizure was not admissible evidence, and therefore officially applied the exclusionary rule to the states.

What are some examples of circumstantial evidence?

Circumstantial Evidence

  • Eyewitness testimony that a person was seen fleeing from the scene of a crime;
  • A person’s fingerprints found at the scene of the crime alongside other people’s fingerprints;
  • An audio recording of the defendant stating his or her intent to commit a crime before the alleged crime actually occurred;

What are the 3 types of witnesses?

In criminal cases, there are three types of witnesses called to testify in a trial. These include eyewitnesses, expert witnesses, and character witnesses.

What is the main characteristic of a rebuttable presumption?

A rebuttable presumption is assumed true until a person proves otherwise (for example the presumption of innocence). In contrast, a conclusive (or irrebuttable) presumption cannot be refuted in any case (such as defense of infancy in some legal systems).

Which of the following is one of the seven primary characteristics of Markonnis drug profile?

The original drug courier profile developed by Agent Markonni consisted of seven primary characteristics: (1) arrival or departure from source city; (2) little or no luggage; (3) unusual itinerary; (4) use of an alias; (5) carrying large amounts of cash; (6) buying ticket with cash in small denomina- tions; (7) …

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