Another Great Forum, Good Job Mr. Garcia!

Years ago, a guy sent me a flyer in the mail and invited me to join the “who’s who” of something or other. I do not recall the details. I thought of that label this morning when I got around to opening a package recently sent to me by Leopoldo (Leo) Garcia. It contained a book, which is a compilation of the knowledge accumulated for the 2014 Workers’ Compensation Forum. I have written about the forum before, but every time I think about it I become enthused.

Who’s who? Well, inside the front cover there is a listing of all of the 2014 Forum faculty. They are all listed below. The diversity and depth of this faculty is simply astounding. Certainly, there were some big names in Florida comp that are not on the list, but not many. There were a couple of names on the list that you might not recognize at first glance, but when you look at the subject matter of their lecture you pause and think “oh yeah, I remember now.”

I got an email from one of our JCCs following this program. It was a cc of what was sent to Mr. Garcia. It was highly complimentary of the program and the organization. It was consistent with all of the feedback I have heard on the 2014 Forum. 

I think it bears mentioning that I congratulated Allison Hunnicutt in December in this blog. She was the chair of the Forum program. As soon as I published that, she called to tell me she was leaving the workers’ compensation practice, the Section, and the state. She was headed to Alabama. I think you can guess from that Leo Garcia became Forum Chair before he expected to. I think the plan was that he would be the next Forum Chair, as in 2015. He stepped right up though, and from all reports he did a great job bringing the program to a successful conclusion just four months later.

Great Job Mr. Garcia!

If you do not know Mr. Garcia, let me introduce you. He is a founding member of the Angones, McClure and Garcia firm in Miami. He was born in Cuba and has achieved a myriad of successes as a Florida workers’ compensation attorney. He is past chair of the Miami-Dade Bar Workers’ Compensation Section, a member of the Cuban-American Bar Association, past-President of the Hispanic American Compensation Lawyers of America, the list just goes on and on. He is celebrating his 25th year as a member of The Florida Bar this year. His contribution to this Section and the community are inspiring. His leadership is commendable. His example is one that we should aspire to follow.

The faculty (and they all deserve a sound pat-on-the-back, thank them for their contribution of time when you see them next) that contributed their time to make the 2014 Forum a reality are:

Jeffrey E. Appel, Lakeland

Honorable Gerardo Castiello, Miami

Steven R. Cooley, Clearwater

Thomas A. Delegal, III, Jacksonville

Robert 1. Dietz, Orlando

Bill R. England, St. Petersburg

Frances Ford, Tampa

Robert J. Grace, Jr., Tampa

C. Bradley Hall, Jr., Sarasota

Honorable Marjorie Renee Hill, Gainesville

Jeffrey I. Jacobs, Miami

H. George Kagan, Miami

Alan D. Kalinoski, Orlando

Robert A. Keeter, Gainesville

Kelly Kosmin, Jupiter

Terry W. Kuhlwein, M.D., Jacksonville

Jason D. Lazarus, Orlando

Honorable Ellen H. Lorenzen, Tampa

Scott A. Lynch, M.D., Jacksonville

Thomas Neal McAliley, Miami

Edward S. Mallow, Jacksonville

Laurie Thrower Miles, Lakeland

Thomas A. Moore, Orlando

Ricardo Morales, Doral

Tonya A. Oliver, New Port Richey

David C. Patten, EdD, Venice

Eugene K. Pettis, Ft. Lauderdale

Christopher 1. Petruccelli, Tampa

B. Josh Pettingill, Boca Raton

David 1. Place, Orlando

Joanne M. Prescott, Orlando

Josiah Pritchard, Jacksonville

David I. Rickey, Orlando

Joseph M. Rooth, New Port Richey

Gerald A. Rosenthal, West Palm Beach

Honorable Stephen 1. Rosen, St. Petersburg

John 1. Schickel, Jacksonville

Richard A. Sicking, Coral Gables

James H. Smith, Tampa

Gil Spruance, Jacksonville

Stuart F. Suskin, Gainesville

Honorable Paul T. Terlizzese (Retired), Port St. Lucie

M. Kemmerly Thomas, Tallahassee

Honorable Richard S. Thompson (Retired), Sarasota

Mark A. Touby, Miami

Dawn R. Traverso, Miami

William Rogers Turner, Winter Park

Phillip Walls, R. Ph., Tampa

Glen D. Wieland, Orlando

Michael J. Winer, Tampa

Russell H. Young, Sarasota

Great job and kudos to the Section, its leadership, and the Forum Chair. Tune in again next year, same Forum time, same Forum place, for the 2015 rendition of a great educational opportunity. I am proud that the Section is what it is, providing the comraderie, the education, the professionalism that are so critical to our workers' compensation system. Great job!


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