The Judicial/Mediator Survey is out!

This morning, I use this platform to remind the members of the section that the judicial/Mediator survey is active. Every member of the section should have received an email with a link to the survey. For section members, we used the email address registered with The Florida Bar for distribution. This is because, that is the email address that appears on the list of Section members provided by the Bar.

We also distributed to the attorneys who are registered with the OJCC as e-filers. Those were distributed to the “primary” email address listed in our OJCC records for each attorney.

Each person should have only received one email regarding the survey, and the link provided is only useable one time. I encourage you to take part in the process. If you did not receive a link, email me and I will look into the issue,

The purpose of the survey is not to cast dispersions on anyone, and it is certainly not to insult people. The point is to let the judges and mediators know of your perceptions of their handling of the matters that you bring to them. Constructive comments are always welcome. As I say at various venues throughout the state, raising issues and problems is fine but suggesting solutions is critical to helping this agency serve you better.

I want to thank those who work year after year to make this survey a success. Judges Cohen and Lazzara have consistently participated in this project. Mediator John Brooks in Daytona has been part of the process since the beginning (2008), as has Jake Schickel. We always have support from the Section Chair and Chair-elect, my thanks this year to Chris Smith and William Rogner for their contributions and support for this project.  The project simply would not be possible without the support of our contract and administrative staff at DOAH, thanks to Lisa Mustain and her DOAH team there for the support and effort they contribute.

I want to publicly apologize to mediator Michael Imber.  We somehow misspelled his name in the survey. The vendor uses the Judge/Mediator list on the OJCC website, and somehow an error was made. I wish I had caught that in the proofing process, but apologize that I did not.

I also want to note that we no longer have a one-to-one ratio of mediators and judges. As a result of that, and the fact that Judge Massey is in TPA but hears primarily MIA cases, mediator Greg Johnsen is listed in the survey as being in TPA. We will work on this in the future, but this year, please look closely for Greg so that you can provide him the feedback that is appropriate.

I appreciate the effort that goes into this project annually and the time you take to complete the survey. I encourage you to complete it today and to contact me by email if I can be of assistance. Have a great weekend!


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