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The Office of Judges of Compensation Claims, the Workers’ Compensation Section of The Florida Bar, The West Palm Beach Bar, and the Workers’ Compensation Institute are each presenting exceptional continuing education programs in coming months. Next Friday there is the OJCC/WCI program in Tallahassee, that is offered annually at the First District Court, free of charge. The West Palm Beach bar is sponsoring their day-long program the same day. In April, the Section presents its Forum program, and the WCI presents its annual Spring Forum. Both of the April programs are in Orlando. Does anyone but me ever wonder why more programs like this are not offered in the geographic and cultural center of Florida (Pensacola)?

OJCC and WCI Co-Sponsor February Tallahassee Education program

The Mid-Winter Workers’ Compensation Updates program is presented February 28, 2014 at the First District Court of Appeal (First DCA). The program features Judges Renee Hill (GNS), Ralph Humphries (JAX), John Lazzara (TLH), Laura Roesch (PMC), and Nolan Winn (PNS) presenting today’s hot topics in workers’ compensation adjudication. The program also includes a diverse medical panel, an overview of the involvement of the First DCA in workers’ compensation, speakers from the Division of Workers’ Compensation and Division of Risk Management. Judge Wetherell of the First DCA will team with Paul Anderson and Wendy Loquasto for a panel discussion of today’s appellate hot topics. This program is presented free of charge. Email for more information on registration.

West Palm Beach Comp Section Presents “Not Just Comp”

The West Palm program is also February 28, 2014 and features Judges Mary D’Ambrosio (WPB), Timothy Basquill (WPB), Shelley Punancy (WPB) and Robert McAliley (PSL). The Judges will present an interactive view from the bench featuring question and answer with attorneys and attorney staff. The program also includes medical issues, evidence issues and interactions between federal and state laws that impact workers’ compensation cases. More Details at:

Workers' Compensation Section Forum - Champions Gate

On April 9-11, 2014, the Workers’ Compensation Section presents the Forum in Orlando. This will include presentations by several OJCC speakers. Judge Stephen Rosen (SPT) will pair with former Judges Terlizzese (MEL) and Thompson (ORL) for a panel discussion a “View From The Bench.” Judge Ellen Lorenzen (TPA) will present with Ms. Laurie Miles on “Trial Practice and Procedure.” Judge Renee Hill (GNS) will present with Gerald Rosenthal, Richard Sicking, and Dawn Traverso on the Daubert evidentiary standard. Mediator Stuart Suskin (GNS) will present “Winning Mediation Strategies.” The complete brochure is here:

Workers' Compensation Institute, Caribe Royale, Orlando

On April 23, 2014 see Judges Neal Pitts (ORL), Shelley Punancy (WPB), Stephen Rosen (SPT) and Margaret Sojourner (LKL) at the WCI Spring Forum in Orlando. Their topic will focus on the mistakes that claims handlers make, and will include both discussion of “don’ts” and suggestions for “do’s” of effective mediation and litigation of workers’ compensation claims.


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