Congratulations Martin Leibowitz!

Last summer, Section Chair Dawn Traverso passed the gavel to Christopher Smith. As she did so, she recognized several members of the Section Executive Council for their contributions during her term. A previous post memorialized the recognition of Allison Hunnicutt for her efforts on the Forum. This post recognizes Martin L. Leibowitz for his efforts on this very website platform you are reading.

Martin has represented injured employees and employers in workers’ compensation cases for over 30 years. He has served many years on the Section Executive Council. Martin has always had an interest in technology. In the 1990s he pursued that interest and created the Workers’ Compensation present value calculation software program, Projected Indemnity Exposure (PIE). He later played an instrumental role in designing and deploying the Section’s first website. As that platform became dated, and as technology advanced, he agreed to undertake a much needed renovation of the site. That process led to the platform you are reading today.

This updated and improved web presence is more visual and intuitive. It offers a vast array of information about the section, including access to CLE information, the News and 440 Report, The Friends of 440, a membership directory and more. The Section website is now a one-stop source for all that is workers’ compensation in Florida. This is a great improvement that serves Section members and all constituents of the Florida workers’ compensation system.

Building and deploying the Section websites over the last two decades has not always been a popular project. Back when the idea of a website was first raised, there were those who doubted the need for such a platform, and who questioned the expenditures required to bring the Section into the digital age. Wherever other individual Council members generally fell on the spectrum of confidence or doubt about this project, Martin was convinced from the beginning, steadfast in his commitment, and confident of the value that a website could (and would) deliver.

Past Section Chair (the best title in any organization) Traverso recognized Martin’s efforts last summer before the Executive Council. I am proud to recognize him here in this more public forum, which would not have been possible but for all of his efforts bringing this website to fruition. Congratulations Martin! Job well done!


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