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Untimely Passings

Did you know attorneys Vance Moore or Mark Zimmerman?

It is in some part due to age, but I seem to know more people who are dealing with personal loss lately. The last year of my life has been strewn with friends who are dealing with personal loss, of a loved one, a friend, a business partner. According to the Pain Doctor, the top ten “stressful life events” include “death of a spouse” (#1) and “death of a close family member” (#5). I don’t doubt these, but I suspect that death of a friend, colleague, or partner are not far down that list either.

In September, I received the surprising word that Vance Moore had passed. Vance practiced in Ft. Lauderdale and the surrounding area with Hoffman and Moore. His was not an exclusive workers’ compensation practice, he also did personal injury work. But, he was known in the workers’ compensation community. He was known for his “passion for helping injured people,” as noted in his obituary. His career formerly included insurance defense and serving in elected office. He was a graduate of Stockton College and the University of Miami School of Law. Mr. Moore was 57 years old when he passed in September.


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